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Updates are cleared monthly. [Archive]

November 20: A MAJOR SEARCH UPDATE: NIGHT OF THE GIANTS HAS BEEN FOUND! Check it out on the Books page!

December 9: Gonna be slowly rolling out a custom HTML theme soon. If a page looks radically different, that's the new update! Please pardon the dust!

December 8: A page for fan films has been made! Send your AMVs, edits, animatics, and more!

December 7: A custom page for Down Then Left is accessible from the Library page!

December 6: Any Weather now has its own page, accessible from the Library page!

December 4: Updated the site counter.

December 3: Working on a Spanish translation of the Homepage and a few other major pages. I will also be adding a Spanish section of the Library page!

December 1: November updates are backed up.